WDC WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0 with Intel Corporation 82801IR/IO/IH (ICH9R/DO/DH)

Dear lazy web,

Are there any known incompatibilities between Western Digital SATA disks (WD1002FAEX / Firmware version 05.01D05) and ICH9 SATA controlers?

I have a remote server (don’t have physical access to it) with an ICH9 SATA controler and two different disks  in a MD RAID1 volume: one Hitachi and one WD.

The problem is that I have poor write performance and iostat is always reporting a 100% utilization (%util field) on the Western Digital disk, while the Hitachi (HDT721010SLA360) does not reports such high %util usages.

The WD disk as been changed with another (same model) WD disk, and I’m still having 100% utilization on this disk.

Could there be an incompatibility between theses WD disks and ICH9 controlers?

Initialy the server was running with two Hitachi disks, and one of them failed, so it was replaced by these WD disk. Since then, I’m stuck with theses 100% util usages on this disk.

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