Rollout your own DomainKeys-like signature verification in PHP

Reading documentation on DKIM I found it usefull to be able to distribute public keys through DNS to allow recipient to check signed content against it.

So, here is a couple of DomainKeysSigner and DomainKeysVerifier PHP classes that implement the sign and verify operations, with the verify operation fetching the public key through a custom DNS TXT record.

To start with, you need a public/private RSA key that you can obtain with openssl:

# openssl genrsa -out 1024

Extract the public key:

# openssl rsa -in private.key -text -pubout

Now, you need to setup a DNS TXT record for your host/domain containing the base64 key from the previous command, without the « —–BEGIN PUBLIC KEY—– » and « —–END PUBLIC KEY—– » tags.

Let say you wan’t to set the key on « »: IN TXT "MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQCyvgpjWK2w6FmlFxdxcSBwP0P50jsIUB3ZV0xYXolLF0jipXdjN/TgZjBAlRYlF7u/iXW7WmrbU/mwpdlyiK0+dZvwZMGUzqBOC1ULz5i8xPVidutkBhMMWFovipibnvU6TePJjMdeBTlEDpi1p4/V66yOxJ8sU1nYCTYJIqaX1QIDAQAB"

Now you can use the DNSPubKeySigner and DNSPubKeyVerifier classes to sign and verify a data signature with the public key fetched from the DNS TXT record.


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