Links shorteners

Off course I like my links lengthened and in their bare naked flesh! Why hide their long, messy, twisted characters? That's what they are, and they do it well.

It's a pleasure to look at a well formed URI. You start with the usual and boring HTTP protocol handler, then you step on a first unusual colon slash slash that makes you stop. Now you can watch at the hostname composed of the local part, the domain and the bottom TLD. The hostname tickle your imagination and is already a promise of what awaits you. Then you are in for a long serie of chars, slash, chars, slash, chars, slash… that rhythmically guides you and stops you, then make you start again, and stop, and restart. This goes on and on, till you reach the end and it explodes in a colourful and synaesthetic experience with images moving all around, pleasing your eyes, and sound flowing like the sea on the sea-shore, pleasing your hears.

Why would you deprive me from such a pleasure?

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